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An Introduction to Internet Governance

An Introduction to Internet Governance (7th edition) Dr. Jovan Kurbalija. 2017, DiploFoundation

The seventh edition of An Introduction to Internet Governance by Dr. Jovan Kurbalija provides an update based on the most recent dynamic period in the history of Internet governance. It was officially launched at the 11th IGF in Mexico in December 2016, and Spanish translation is also available. Read more: English | Spanish

A Useful Internet governance Glossary of Acronym

Digital Inclusion in Austin Report

Diplo Foundation: Texts and Articles

The needs of people with disabilities are often not captured in machine learning data, either overwhelmed by majority data or discluded as outliers. The team behind We Count includes AI professionals, disability activists, and scholars of disability studies who aim to develop data systems and machine learning strategies that include, understand, and serve people with disabilities and other marginalized groups. From the main page, readers can click on "Learn" to find journal articles and reports on AI and disability, ethics, and policy, as well as educational and methodological resources for AI professionals. The "Initiatives" section features free upcoming and archived workshops and webinars on data science and inclusive AI topics, such as "AI Hiring System Policies," and "Bias In, Bias Out." Readers can also access transcripts of most past offerings. We Count's YouTube channel (linked in the footer of the page) includes webinar recordings and other videos, most between 30 and 90 minutes long. We Count is funded by a grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and supported by the Accessible Technology Program, part of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Internet/Broadband Factsheet

ISOC Community Network Projects: Community Network Solutions

Internet Society – Internet Governance

Internet Governance - Why the Multi-stakeholder Approach Works

Internet governance refers to the processes that impact how the Internet is managed. As policymakers and technical experts work to connect the remaining two-thirds of the world’s nations, the WAY in which the Internet is governed will likely have an impact on how we use it and how it evolves.

Knowledge is powerful. This report encompasses learnings from security experts, practitioners, and defenders at Microsoft to empower people everywhere to defend against cyberthreats.

New internet performance data shows the staggering scale of Canada’s urban-rural digital divide

Shaping the Internet - History and Futures (ISOC Course)

How is the Internet governed? Who are the different actors and stakeholders in Internet governance? How did this system emerge and where is it going in the future? By taking this course, you can develop a strong understanding of Internet governance and the ecosystem of organizations and issues that are shaping the future of the Internet.

Springfield Vermont: Digital Economies