Glenn McKnight

International Affairs

Glenn is a Canadian entrepreneur/philanthropist with over 25 years of experience in international and domestic ventures. He had the rights to the BAYGEN Radio, a windup radio which combined solid business implementation and philanthropy. BAYGEN Radio provided emergency communication and radio programs to various disaster locations. The product was deemed one of the most innovative products at the time

Another venture was InkMedia Netbook which was built with a Linux platform, and the two products included the Netbook and the first IPAD type computer. This was a rival to the famous One Laptop per Child initiative, which aimed at the 1 billion disconnected individuals with a price of $100 per unit.

Another major venture as Director with the Linux Professional Institute took him to forty-two countries and the UN to promote Open Source and Free Software. Work also included the development of certification for Ubuntu and MySQL.

Since 2009, he has been active in ICANN and IEEE as a volunteer, including participation in the North American School of IG in San Juan and Montreal.

When most people consider taking up a hobby, Glenn and Alfredo Calderon of San Juan PR started the Virtual School of Internet Governance, which has delivered in English and Spanish seven intakes and 600 students later has created the leading online training in Internet Governance.